How Kim Dao Became A Social Media Influencer

The road to becoming a successful social media influencer can become tough. Many people think that it’s just a matter of posting stuff online every now and then so people can notice you. However, it can involve a lot of hard work.

The Social Media Influencer Challenges
There is a growing number of younger people who have resorted to the idea of becoming a social media influencer as a career option. Anyone can become a social media influencer anyway because technology can be accessed easily. But it might take much to become successful in this field.

These are the usual challenges that rising influencers usually face. And we look at Kim Dao on how she was able to overcome these as she rose to her fame today.

  • Target audience. Some online personalities are not particular enough when it comes to the audience that they want to get. While it’s good to have the general public as regular viewers, influencers still need to focus first on a specific population where the content will be a big hit for them.
    • Solution: Kim Dao caters to an audience who loves stuff related to Japan. It was a trial at first but became a hit to a certain group of people. When she realized this, she continued making content related to her big break.
  • It requires frequent presence to be felt and noticed by people. Failing to update social media sites is a big no-no when you want to be on top.
    • Solution: It doesn’t have to be every day. You must stick with a regular uploading schedule that you should commit to. This is what Kim Dao does with her YouTube and Instagram accounts.
  • New Ideas. Standing out among the many aspiring social media influencers is a very big challenge in this age. It’s possible for two creators to have the same content which can lead to big issues.
    • Solution: Creativity is the best antidote for stagnation and prevention for copying material from other creators. This is why Kim is really good at being an influencer.