Can Sous Vide Vacuum Sealers Also Be Used For Freezer Bags?

Food spoilage is one of the primary concerns when considering the packaging that each kind of food should be placed in. Contaminants, such as bacteria, which can enter anytime there is a break in the seal of the packaging, are one of the culprits for spoilage.

Little did we know that even as simple as the presence of air, more specifically oxygen, can ultimately be the cause as to why food go bad. Remember what happens when chips are exposed to room air? They go soggy and lose their crispiness right? The same principle applies as well with other food items.

If you are on to the sous vide way of cooking, one of the ultimate concerns would be the bags that will go with the vacuum sealer. To see the complete list of vacuum sealers along with the bags that are compatible with them, take a look at them on this website.

Here are the food bags that are most compatible with sous vide vacuum sealers.

  1. Food grade quality plastic
  2. Freezer-style bag
  3. Zip-lock bag

In connection to that, these are some of the considerations that they have met, making them compatible for vacuum sealers.

  • Use embossed bags with ridges if you have a clamping type of vacuum sealer with suction function to suck out the air.
  • Smooth bags should be used for a chamber machine. This comes at a much cheaper price than that of the embossed ones. These are usually used by commercial manufacturers for bulk sealing.
  • Use pre-cut bags and roll bags for a vacuum sealer that has a built in roll storage and cutter
  • Use pre-cut bags if you have a sealer without built-in roll storage and cutter as they are ready to use.

Ultimately, the best way to determine the compatibility of the packaging with the vacuum sealer is to establish the type of sealer that you have.