Safety First: Making Sure Your Shogun Won’t Unexpectedly Explode

There are actually instances and reasons why shotguns explode and you need to be aware of it. As a hunter, you will be using your gun for a lot of activities and the last thing you want it to do is to explode on you. This is why it is crucial to look into the possible safety techniques to follow in handling a shotgun.

Guns have always been exploding since before and it was because of old technology and its many faults. People before weren’t able to understand the properties of smokeless powders and would use them the same way as black powder. This is where the guns started exploding, because of a lack of understanding from the gun holder.

Modern Reasons As To Why Shotguns Explode

With sites like, it becomes easier for many to understand why shotguns explode and what are the right ways to handle it. Loads and powder types affect the shotgun and its performance a lot. Oversized flash holes have been created to help allow the flame to go through the flash hole in then igniting the black powder properly. This method is effective for the 45 Colt and the 5 in 1.

There’s no problem when you use black powder, but once the smokeless powder is used in this way, then it can blow up the gun itself. Make sure that you pay attention when loading your brass. Check the flash holes to see what the difference is. Never try to drill out flash holes since it is even more dangerous to change them.

Can Cartridges Also Cause a Shotgun To Blow Up?

The bad news is yes it can cause gun explosions. You need to make sure that you fire the gun using the right cartridge. When the cartridge does not blow up the gun, then it will still destroy the magazine and stock. This happens because the gases have nowhere else to escape.

Shotguns tend to have thinner steel which is why it is more prone to gun explosions when compared to those thicker barreled rifles. always be careful and check the powder and cartridge that you use just to be safer.